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The causes of it and how it relates to mental health problems. Practical tips to help manage feelings of loneliness, and other places you can go for support.

Loneliness and employment 

What we know and what we can do?

Campaign to end loneliness

I feel lonely. What can I do?

Social prescribing

A way for local agencies to refer people to a link worker who gives people time, focusing on ‘what matters to me’ and taking a holistic approach to people’s health and wellbeing.

3 step approach

Loneliness can often feel overwhelming and something out of our control, so it can be useful to have a starting point. 

Loneliness is contagious – and here’s how to beat it

One in three adults is affected by loneliness. It's time for us to take a risk and let others into our lives  

Nine ways to feel less lonely

The world’s largest survey on loneliness – the BBC Loneliness Experiment – asked about ways of combatting loneliness which had worked for you or people you know. 

Advice for loneliness

Here is some practical advice and tips on how to help yourself or others if you or they are feeling lonely. 

Loneliness and AI

10 ways to combat loneliness and isolation

Long Covid

Long Covid

Memory and concentration problems are common in long Covid and must not be ignored, say scientists.         

Long Covid and the Long-term effects of Coronavirus 

How long it takes to recover from Covid-19 is different for everybody. Many people feel better in a few days or weeks, and most will make a full recovery within 12 weeks. But for some people, symptoms can last longer. 

Long Covid: the symptoms and tips for recovery

While Coronavirus symptoms may pass quickly, some people are suffering long-term effects. This page looks at the symptoms of long Covid and offers some tips to help manage them. 

Long Covid Kids

Provides support and awareness for kids and their families who experienced Covid-19

Long Covid Support

After Covid-19, many people make a full recovery within a month. For others, symptoms can last longer. Symptoms lasting 4 weeks or more after suspected or known Covid-19 may be Long Covid.  

Find help and support if you have long Covid

Long Covid can affect anyone, not only those who were seriously unwell or admitted to hospital when they caught Covid-19.

Mental Health and the War in Ukraine

British Red Cross

Coping with a crises 

The Conversation

News of war can impact your mental health - here's how to cope 

Worrying about War and Conflict 

Support resource for children feeling anxious about the war

BBC Bitesize 

How to talk to your teenager about the invasion of Ukraine: tips for parents and carers - Parents' Toolkit