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How We Can Promote Greater Compassion at Work

Now more than ever, there is a need for compassion in the workplace. But what do we mean by a ‘compassionate workplace’, and what are the benefits of being more compassionate – towards ourselves and others?

Jonathan Taylor, Occupational Psychologist from Pearn Kandola,

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How to Become Resilient and Take Back Control of Your Life

Anxiety and depression is high and we're looking for new ways to take back control of our lives.

New ways to become resilient and bounce back. Whether you've been dealt a good or bad hand in life, now is the time to take charge and bounce back to get closer to the life you want.

Dr. Olivia Remes will be sharing tips on overcoming obstacles in life and becoming resilient, based on research. This is especially important now that we're dealing with a second lockdown and our mental health has been affected in more ways than one.

Her work has been featured by the BBC and she's been invited to give TED talks on anxiety and loneliness.

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Wellbeing Workshops

A series of four, hour-long workshops facilitated by Kate Ahl of the Staff Counselling Centre, designed to help participants build sustainable practices to support their wellbeing and resilience in the face of life's inevitable stresses.

02 October - Workshop 1 : The Concept of Wellbeing

This workshop starts from the premise that wellbeing is not the absence of suffering, but a sustaining engagement with activities that buffer us against life's stressors.

09 October - Workshop 2 : Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is a way of relating to ourselves with kindness, even when we experience the inevitable failures and setbacks that are part of life and learning for everyone. 

16 October - Workshop 3 : Mindfulness and Emotion

We often regard emotions as inconvenient, or unprofessional. But our emotions can give us important information about our environment, and if we are able to identify them and tolerate them, we are less likely to 'act out', to become overwhelmed, or to get stuck in cycles of unhelpful behaviour.

23 October - Workshop 4 : Freedom and Responsibility

The feeling of being 'stuck' can cause great distress. This workshop looks at how we can identify opportunities for choice and freedom even in situations where our options may seem very limited.

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Stress and Anxiety Workshops 

A series of four, hour-long workshops presented by Euan Ambrose and Sarah Hughes from the Staff Counselling Centre, designed to help participants build sustainable practices to support their wellbeing and resilience in the face of life's inevitable stresses. 

Week 1 - 06 Nov : Introduction to Stress and Anxiety


Delivered by Euan Ambrose

This first workshop will be an opportunity to learn about stress and anxiety and begin to think about our own experiences.


Week 2 - 13 Nov : The Worried Mind


Delivered by Sarah Hughes

The focus of this workshop will be on worry and anxious thoughts and how they impact on our wellbeing.


Week 3 - 20 Nov : What Triggers Anxiety?


Delivered by Euan Ambrose

This week we will take a deeper look at stress and anxiety, work on what our triggers are, and any behaviours that might maintain an anxious state.


Week 4 - 27 Nov : Managing Workplace Stress


Delivered by Sarah Hughes

In this final workshop we will take a look at the various causes of workplace stress, its tell-tale symptoms, and ideas for stress-management and self-care.


View the recorded talks here