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University Staff Counselling Service

As part of the Wellbeing Initiative, the University Staff Counselling Service contributes to the overall Strategy for promoting and maintaining the Mental Health of University staff. The Service is available free of charge to all University staff and is provided by professionally accredited and widely experienced Counsellors and CBT therapists.

The Service offers a range of support for staff and managers, including consultation sessions and Reflective Practice Groups. Training courses in Stress Management, along with Mindfulness and Relaxation workshops, complement this support. In addition, we work closely with our colleagues in Occupational Health, Human Resources and Equality and Diversity to develop and implement changes that will benefit our workforce in the 21st Century.

It is envisaged that the introduction of the Mental Health Lite Training to First Aiders will add to the overall knowledge of the workforce of issues pertinent to the psychological wellbeing in general. The Staff Counselling Service is committed to supporting those undertaking this training in order to enhance their experience and knowledge in this essential aspect of emotional life.