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Health and Wellbeing Working Group

This Working Group was set up under the People Strategy to review the current approach to stress and wellbeing at the University with the goal of developing initiatives that:

  • provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach to health and wellbeing across the University for staff
  • progresses our wellbeing strategy and
  • take into account best practice within the University, the HE sector and industry.

The Group reports periodically to the HR Committee, making recommendations for discussion and approval by the central bodies.  Further information is provided in the sidebar on this page.


Operational Health and Wellbeing Working Group

This Sub-Group of the Working Group will monitor progress and report back to the Working Group, who will recommend future initiatives to be taken forward under the Wellbeing Strategy. 

This Group will also produce the Wellbeing Annual Report and take forward plans for the Festival of Wellbeing in 2018. 

Terms of reference and membership of this group will be published on this page after its first formal meeting in early November 2017


Local Wellbeing activity

A network of Wellbeing Advocates, supported by the HR Division, is being set up in institutions during to provide  information to staff on local and University wellbeing activities and be a source of advice and guidance (including about staff support services, mental health and dignity at work issues). Before taking up the role advocates will attend a three hour Mental Health Lite briefing provided by the charity MIND at University sites.

In addition, a Leadership Essentials briefing for academic staff is also being piloted for academic staff, which will be delivered by HR at the request of institutions.

There are institutional representatives on both the working and operational health and wellbeing groups, who contribute to their work and also feed back information about central activities to their institutions.

Also, institutions may run their own wellbeing activities.

Further information can be provided by your HR business team or by your local Departmental Administrator or equivalent.