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The Wellbeing initiatives being taken forward by the University are intended to build on existing good practice and allow local flexibility so institutions can accommodate them within their existing wellbeing provision.

This section of the website provides examples of local initiatives being taken forward.  Please contact the Departmental Administrator in the relevant institution if you want to find out more information, including how they set up their wellbeing provision, contact details for external providers or how to generate interest/involvement of staff in activities.  In addition, they will be able to advise if it is possible for University staff from other institutions to participate in their activities or to use the same provider.

Institutions are encouraged to share their Wellbeing activities so we can share information and so centrally we can build a full picture of Wellbeing initiatives being taken forward across the University.  Please contact your HR Business team if you wish to do so.


The Clinical School Wellbeing Programme

Fitness Wellbeing classes at Greenwich House


Please contact: if you have any queries or suggestions.